ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment Process

Please read the following to better understand what you might expect in your intial consultations as we explore a potential ADHD diagnosis.

Appointment 1

Your first appointment will take between 45 and 60 minutes. You will undergo the following.

  1. A full psychiatric assessment
  2. Screening for all psychiatric conditions including ADHD.
  3. Screening for medical conditions that may influence future medication decisions.

If your symptoms are suggestive of a possible ADHD then you will be  provided with the following upon completion of the first appointment. It is important to note that stimulant ADHD medication is highly regulated by the WA Department of Health and there are very strict criteria that must be met. If it is deemed that you are not a candidate for stimulant medication, you will be informed after your first appointment. Where appropriate, you will be offered alternative treatment strategies such as non-stimulant medication and psychological therapies.

  1. Letter to your GP requesting a physical examination, routine blood tests, urine drug screen (as mandated by WA prescribing law) and an ECG.
  2. Two secure online forms for yourself and two informants to complete. These two forms will provide evidence which will support the potential diagnosis of Adult ADHD. Your two informants will consist of one person who could describe your childhood ADHD symptoms and one person who could describe your adult ADHD symptoms.

Your nominated informants should either accompany you or being available for a phone call during either your first or second appointment. They should also be willing to complete your ADHD Informant assessment form.

Appointment 2

Your second appointment will take 30 minutes.

We are UNABLE to prescribe any ADHD medication during your 2nd appointment without the following:

  • ECG results
  • Blood tests results
  • Urine drug screen results
  • GP letter with results of your physical examination (cardiovascular and respiratory exam) 
  • Completed online forms (ADHD Pre-interview form, ADHD Informant form for individual who knew you as a child, ADHD Informant form for individual who knew you as an adult).

In order to minimise delays in starting treatment, please ensure you bring a copy of your test results to your 2nd appointment. You can obtain a copy of your results by mail/email by calling your pathology provider and cardiology clinic. If you are having difficulties with this, please call our reception staff at least 2 working days before your appointment.

During your second appointment you undergo the following.

  1. ​A psychiatric assessment focussing your ADHD symptoms.
  2. A more in depth discussion regarding your physical health and potential comorbidities that may influence your medication choices.
  3. Detailed information regarding stimulant and non stimulant ADHD medication

If you are commenced on an ADHD medication, you may be asked to use the ADHD tracker app to help Dr Wick monitor your doses and its effects.

Usually patients will remain on the starting dose of their ADHD medication for 2-3 weeks.

Appointment 3+

Your third appointment will take around 30 minutes and will involve discussions regarding doses and the impact it has had on you. It will usually be booked around 2-3 weeks after your second appointment.

After this, usually patients will need 2-3 further dose adjustment appointments before their final dose is found. Please allow for 15 minutes per appointment. You may require additional appointments if a switch to a different medication is required.

Given the safety and legal ramifications of stimulant prescribing, patients must be aware that the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD takes several appointments.

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