Dr Shanek Wick


Dr. Shanek Wick is a consultant psychiatrist with a special interest in neurostimulation, interventional psychiatry and treatment-resistant mood and anxiety disorders, and adult ADHD

During his training in psychiatry, Dr Wick realised that his patients with mood disorders were frequently unable to achieve good treatment outcomes with conventional therapies. Patients were often experiencing overwhelming side effects that limited their recovery. Unfortunately, there had been limited progress in this area and few options available once traditional treatments failed. Dr Wick took an interest in neurostimulation and interventional psychiatry as they offered evidence-based positive outcomes for these patients.


In order to provide the best in mental health care to rural patients, Dr Wick has partnered with Pioneer Health Albany to offer TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) to patients in Albany and the Great Southern region of WA.

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Dr Wick approaches complex mood disorders with both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment options, and works closely with psychologists and counsellors. He advocates for holistic care for his patients in order to give them all the available treatment options. 


Dr Wick undertakes assessments for Adult ADHD. In addition to the prescribing of ADHD medication, he is also passionate about teaching his patients non-pharmacological approaches to increaing focus and productivity. Again, the holistic approach to neurodiversity is vital to ensuring his patients get the best outcomes.

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