Maintenance TMS Cost Schedule

What is a Maintenance TMS Course?

  • Maintenance TMS is for ensuring patients who are doing well remain well. This is typically considered in patient’s who have been very treatment resistant and have not responded to anything asides from TMS. Maintenance TMS does increase the likelihood one remains relapse-free. Treatment is initially done either fortnightly (gold standard) or monthly. Over time this frequency is often stretched out.
  • Please note: Maintenance TMS is not covered by Medicare’s additional 15 sessions. Patients who require Maintenance TMS will have an out-of-pocket expense of $70 for each session. However, if a relapse occurs, patients will have access to Medicare-rebatable sessions through a Retreatment course. This course consists of 5 sessions per week for a duration of 3 weeks.

Neuralia TMS Maintenance Session 2024

Consult Type TMS Cost (Out-of-Pocket) Consult Fee Medicare Rebate
TMS Remapping Session $100 $100 0
Standard Maintenance TMS Session (most common) $70 $70 $0
Extended TMS Maintenance Session (most right sided protocols) $100 $100 $0
Long or Combined TMS Maintenance Sessions $120 $120 $0
Cancellation Fee (<24 hrs notice) $50 $50 NA

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