TMS Referrals in Perth, WA

Please see our secure online referral form below. 

Who should be referred for TMS?

Patients with Treatment Resistant Depression, PTSD, OCD or Chronic Pain. In most cases, Treatment Resistant Depression will be covered by Medicare as long as a patient has failed 2 or more antidepresants due to indadequate responses or intolerable side effects. Other indications for TMS may be covered by DVA and Work Cover. Please call for more information. 


Patients are usually referred for TMS when they have had little improvements from medication, intolerable side effects or prefer drug free treatments. 

How to refer a patient for TMS?

We accept referrals from GPs, psychiatrists or other health professionals

For your convenience, you can refer a patient to us in several ways:

  1. Using our secure online referral form below.

  2. Download our referral form by clicking the button below and send it to us via email:, or fax: 6230 2231

  3. Send a referral letter via our HealthLink ID: neuralia. Please include the following: indication for TMS, previous antidepressants trialed, history of seizures or alcohol withdrawals, presence of any metal in head or neck.

We can provide a referral template for your practice management software - please contact us for more info.


*Please note: For Medicare eligibility, we require a referral from a GP or psychiatrist.

I'm a patient, how do I get a referral?

Please see your GP or Psychiatrist to discuss whether TMS may be an appropriate treatment for you. Your doctor can then give you a referral or send one directly to us. 

You can also print or download our information package to provide to your GP.  Please click on the links below. 


1. GP Intro Letter

2. GP Info Flyer

3. TMS Referral Form

3. UptoDate Article on TMS