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Please note: The following is simply additional information to assist you in making informed decisions. Your TMS Psychiatrist will explain with you  further during your intial appointment. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our staff will be in touch.

Individualised Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive therapy using electromagnetic stimulation of the brain. The magnetic field produced by the procedure induces trace amounts of electrical current in the brain. It is used after diagnosis for treatment and has shown great promise in the treatment of certain conditions or disorders that are not responsive to conventional treatments.

The procedure is administered by placing a special coil over the head while the patient remains seated in a chair. A powerful, magnetic field is pulsed over regions of the brain based on a specific treatment protocol. It is often described as a tapping sensation. Patients are thoroughly screened and evaluated before the treatment and are monitored during TMS treatment session by a trained and TMS technician or other certified clinician or practitioner to minimise any risk from the procedure, to monitor the patient’s response to treatment, and to monitor proper for continued treatment coil contact.

There is no guarantee that patients will respond positively to this therapy and as with all therapies, there is a chance of injury. However, transcranial magnetic stimulation is Therapeutic Goods Agency (TGA)-approved for specific conditions, such as major depressive disorder in adult patients, and other conditions depending on the TMS system being used for treatment. The results of research and clinical trials have shown improvement and positive results in patients suffering from various neuropsychiatric disorders including depression, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficit disorder, chronic pain, tinnitus and other conditions.

You are free to stop therapy at any time


While rare, in certain circumstances seizures been known to occur. This average risk is believed to be 1 seizure per 50,0000-60,000 sessions in patients without seizure risk factors such as brain lesions or epilepsy (Rossi et al 2009, Lerner et al 2019). To further reduce the risk, patients are to please inform staff if there are any changes in the amount of alcohol/drugs used, amount of sleep (less than 4 hours) and their caffeine intake (excessive use).

About 10% of patients undergoing this procedure will experience scalp discomfort at the treatment site that may last several hours following the treatment. Some patients may experience temporary headaches, fatigue, temporary insomnia or lightheadedness. Often a change in the position of the coil can allievate this. Facial twitching during treatment sessions (not afterwards) is common and normal given the proximity of the coil to your facial muscles. Rarely, patients may experience referred facial/tooth/jaw/ocular pain. If this occurs please notify your nurse and they will change the position of the coil.

Some patients experience an exacerbation or recurrence of previous symptoms during the early phase of treatment aka. “dips in mood” or mood changes. Finally, there is also a small risk of inducing mania, particularly in those patients with a history of bipolar affective disorder. If either of these events occur, please notify your TMS nurse and they will assist you.

While newer TMS machines are quieter, there is still a risk to hearing or worsening any pre-existing tinnitus given the noise generated by the machine. As such, ear plugs are provided and strongly recommended.

Neuralia TMS are the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) specialists in Perth, WA. TMS is non-invasive treatment for depression and several other conditions.

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